My Favorites

Here exists a list my favorite books or series of all time. Not all of them will have reviews and I’ll add more as I find them. Some books included might be part of a series. The whole series might not be included based on how well I liked the other books or the series as a whole. All the books on this list are those I would recommend!

They aren’t in any particular order, just by when I added them. (Click on the pictures and they will take you to my review unless marked otherwise)

the-assassins-blade   Throne Of Glass   Crown of Midnight

Heir of Fire   Queen of Shadows   empire-of-storms


Terrier   Bloodhound   Mastiff

wild-magic   wolf-speaker   emperor-mage   the-realms-of-the-gods

16429619   21569527

graceling  fire

These Broken Stars  20560137  The Queen of the Tearling