Schools Out!

Spring/Summer! Finally. Even though it’s just the spring season, my summer break has finally started! And by break I mean working full time during most of the summer. Either way, no school! So, in celebration I thought I would share some of my favorite things to do, and my favorite books to read.

During the summer I find myself by listening to classical music while reading or doing other things that require more attention. I love to sit outside in the warm weather (in the shade because I burn like a lobster), as long as it isn’t too hot.

Recently, I’ve started to crochet, and I finished my first blanket not long ago! It’s uneven, but it keeps me warm! I finished a scarf for my friend’s birthday, and am halfway done with one for myself!

Some of my favorite books include the Harry Potter series. It was the first real series that I started reading. For a long time I wasn’t allowed to read them, though I don’t remember why. I just realized I’ve been reading Harry Potter for over half my life!

Another series I really enjoy is the Beka Cooper series. Those are by Tamora Pierce, and she has a lot of great books! Another of her series that I really like is Wild Magic. Many of her stories intertwine with each other, use some of the same characters, and takes place in the same world, but at different times through that world’s history.

Eragon was another book that I ready when I was younger, probably around 14 or so, and I really enjoyed the first one. I was happy to read the other three, but it grew a little predictable towards the end. Oh, and the movie has very little similar with the book.

As of this moment, my favorite in-progress series is Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas. Four out of six books have been published, and oh man, I’m going crazy waiting. I’m pretty sure the series started out with one book that might have a sequel if it did well, because each book is written in its own little world. Ugh, this one is hard to explain. The author did a really good job at not taking advantage of the fact that the books were a series and there would be more time for plot and world building. If you’re confused, just go read it! It’s so amazing! But be warned, there are some major plot developments that you probably will hate and cry over.

There you have it, some of my favorite books and some stuff I really like to do! Have a great day!


A Little About Me

I’m a book loving redhead and I’m starting this blog to help take out my frustrations that I have about books and the endings that leave me wanting more, or just wondering what happened.

I’m still in school working on an associate’s degree so I don’t read as much as I would like to. I have four classes that require a lot of my attention so I won’t get to post as much as I like this semester! I also like watching TV, some of my favorite shows are Doctor Who, Sherlock, and Grey’s Anatomy (I’m not caught up so please no spoilers!).

I tend to read more young adult fantasy novels, but some of my favorites are just regular fiction too! I’m willing to try to read any genre of book and more than happy to talk to anyone about them.

I like to write, but have a hard time finding time to actually finish anything I start. Most of the stuff I write is generally something that is only a few dozen pages long. I’ve recently been toying with the idea to make it into a book of short stories, if I finish enough of them that is.

I started this blog to talk about books, shows, movies and anything else!

Feel free to comment or contact me, and please leave your book recommendations too!