Update! And What I Expect from Tower Of Dawn

So, I have a couple of things to talk about, mostly about me being, well, me. I do also have a few things that I want to say, just to say it you know? Nothing to deep, I promise.

First! My summer has been going well! Mostly. Kind of. I mean it hasn’t been bad. I guess I really just haven’t done anything fun, just work and stressing over school and what I’m supposed to do with all this free time that I keep wasting away… Well, the free time I’ve had hasn’t been used to read much. I hope yours has been good!

To be honest, I still kind of have book hang over from Empire of Storms (which I am rereading by the way, because it’s good, and Tower of Dawn will be out soon.). Yes, I’ve still been reading some, but I haven’t gotten into one of my ‘read a book every two or three days for a month’ mood. I’m not so busy I can’t read, I just haven’t. I think the reason is because my preference has been changing. I used to gravitate toward Young Adult, and is still the majority of what I read, but I’ve been looking for more complicated books (not Game of Thrones, not yet anyway). Also, I just haven’t found characters I like as much as the characters Sarah J. Maas has created.

If you have any recommendations, I would be happy to hear them!

Second, school will be starting for me in about three weeks. I’ll be going to school full time while also holding a part time job. I’m not sure yet what the demand will be, but depending I might not have a lot of time to read or write/post reviews. I will get them done when I can.

Good news though, if I continue on this track I will have my degree in Optometric Technology in just a year, including the summer semester of 2018. This will be my second associates degree as I have already have a general studies degree. Also, I’m happy that I was able to make the Dean’s List last semester! I’ll be lucky if I can ever do that again.

Warning, below contains spoilers for the book Queen of Shadows. Read at your own risk.

The last thing I want to talk about is Tower of Dawn by Sarah J. Maas. You might be interested to know that I have already ordered my Barnes and Noble signed special edition from Good Choice Reading and it didn’t cost me anything more, except shipping.

You can find out where to get other special editions at The World of Sarah J. Maas.

Now, as I mentioned in my review of Queen of Shadows, I thought there was going to be a book with Chaol in it after the release of Empire of Storms. Well, this is the book I predicted, and there are a few things I expect from it.

First, I want the old Chaol back. Not the whiny, puts-the-blame-on-Alien asshole who came along in the forth book. I want the Chaol who loved Celaena back, the one that stood by Dorian through his magic exploding stuff (even though he didn’t really know about it), the Chaol who was an unwavering friend. I want the nice Chaol back, not the one that Sarah J. Maas made me hate.

I also want some Chaol-Nesryn romance too. I think they would be great together, and she would tell him when he was wrong but still not be mean about it.

I want Chaol and Nesryn to build a big army, not only for Dorian, but in the name of Alien as well. She’s been through enough, I think she deserves an army to help.

I want Chaol to be healed, though not completely (I know, I’m a terrible person) because I think it would add to his character and make him more interesting.

I want badassery from both main characters. I think given the chance, these two could do some serious damage.

And that’s all! I felt bad for not reading or reviewing, but also wanted to share what was going on in my life as well my excitement for Tower of Dawn.


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