The Realms of the Gods (The Immortals #4) by Tamora Pierce

the-realms-of-the-godsPublished: January 20th 1998 by Random House Children’s Books (first published January 1st 1996)

Genre: Young Adult, Children, Fantasy, Magic

Pages: Paperback, 288

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During a dire battle against the fearsome Skinners, Daine and her mage teacher Numair are swept into the Divine Realms. Though happy to be alive, they are not where they want to be. They are desperately needed back home, where their old enemy, Ozorne, and his army of strange creatures are waging war against Tortall.

Trapped in the mystical realms Daine discovers her mysterious parentage. And as these secrets of her past are revealed so is the treacherous way back to Tortall. So they embark on an extraordinary journey home, where the fate of all Tortall rests with Daine and her wild magic.

My review:

This book in the series is probably my favorite in the series. And that is just for a few simple reasons. Because of these reasons this review will be much shorter than some of the others I have done recently.

First, this was just the climax of the entire series. Everything that happened in the other books was leading up to this one and this was just the wrapping things into an action pack thrill seeking cherry on top of the ice cream cookie cake.

Action at every turn? Yes. A realm we have only seen glimpses of? Yes. More dragons? Yes. Creatures we didn’t know existed? Yes. These just make better world building for me.

However, there does still feel like some lose ends, but don’t worry, that’s only because this story does continue, just not in this particular series. In the books that are next in the overall story of Tortall, these characters are at least mentioned if not characters that show up in the books.

Having now completed this series once again, I feel the need to continue reading the works of Tamora Pierce to find out what happens to this world and to the characters I have come to enjoy reading about.

I’ve also started timing myself to see how long it took me to read each book, just because I was curious of how many hours I actually did read, and this one took be about five hours.



2 thoughts on “The Realms of the Gods (The Immortals #4) by Tamora Pierce

  1. Book 1 and 4 of The Immortals series are my favorite of that series. I plan to read Battle Magic for the first time this summer and re-read Mastiff.

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    • I haven’t read Battle Magic yet, though it is one of many that I hope to read next. I want to re-read Mastiff but I’ve got so many others! Book 4 of The Immortals is defiantly my favorite, but they are all good!

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