Wolf Speaker (The Immortals #2) by Tamora Pierce

wolf-speakerPublished: June 1st 2005 by Simon Pulse (first published January 1st 1993)

Pages: Paperback, 344

Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy, Magic

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When humans start cutting down trees and digging holes in peaceful Dunlath Valley, the wolves know that something is wrong. They send a messenger to the only human who will listen — Daine, a fourteen-year-old girl with the unpredictable power of wild magic. Daine and her closest companions heed the wolves’ cry for help. But the challenge they are about to face in the valley is greater than they can possibly imagine…


My Review:

I once again find myself happy at the works of Tamora Pierce. I consider this book better than the first one for several different reasons.

The first is possibly the reason some books by the same authors are better than others, and this is the writing. I think she finally settled into her characters and she knew what she wanted. It wasn’t a starter book, and I think there is a difference with how it was written.

The second reason I enjoyed this book was because Daine got to develop her abilities, and I thought it was super interesting. Even though I’ve read it before I still like the fact that I’m rediscovering some of her powers I’ve forgotten about. I also think this helps her develop as a character.

I’m happy to see that not all is fine and dandy with Daine’s powers though. Not happy that there are problems for the characters, but for the fact that these particular instances help immensely in this book, as well as showing Daine how careful she has to be because of the changes that can be made to her animal friends.

Reason number four is that Daine is stuck (I won’t give specifics because plot) with only a few friends and her wits and some immortal creatures. I was happy to see everyone working together (despite being natural enemies, afraid of each other, ect.) towards a goal they all felt worthy of risking their lives for.

This book is great.

I have one little complaint. I had a hard time keeping interest. That could be because I’ve been so crazy busy and was also trying to read the last three chapters during the super bowl.

And that’s it, a shorter review for a shorter book! I know it says 344 pages but the font is big and it really is a fast read.



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