Secret of the Sirens (The Companions Quartet #1) by Julia Golding

secret-of-the-sirensPublished: April 1st 2007 by Two Lions (first published 2006)

Genre: Young Adult, Childrens, Fantasy, Mythology, Magic

Pages: Hardcover, 420

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When eleven-year-old Connie is sent to live with her eccentric aunt by the sea, she’s not expecting anything great—not to make friends with Col, the coolest guy in town, and certainly not to discover that mythical creatures still exist, that an ancient society has protected them for centuries, and that a dark and treacherous force is lurking in their midst.

My review:

This is going to be a short and sweet one because that’s what this book is. It might have a decent amount of pages, but the font is big and the spacing rather large.

I really liked this book when I was younger, and as the series goes on I liked them each more and more because of what the main character, Connie can do. As I probably mentioned in my review of Wild Magic, it’s one of the things I wish I could do, talking to animals.  I also like all the mythical creatures like dragons, unicorns, pegesi, and others I hadn’t heard about before reading this series (storm giants, selkies). I guess that makes it educational, right? At least that’s one of the answers I used to use when people ask me why I like to read. I can learn things!

The writing is simple, the plot is not complicated, and it even has some environmental issues that it touches on, though for an unusual reason. Even years after it’s written, these problems still remain, and I think it’s a great way for anyone who reads this book to become more aware of these issues.

I would recommend this book, and the series, to younger readers, probably around ten years of age.

Julia Golding, the author, has many books, several of which I have read and have always liked. Though, most of them are for younger children. I would recommend Dragonfly for older readers, as it remains one of the books I enjoyed reading the most.

So there it is! Even though I really liked it as a kid, my taste has changed, so it sadly lost a little bit of magic for me. Maybe you or someone you know would enjoy it though!



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