Wild Magic (The Immortals #1) by Tamora Pierce

wild-magicPublished: June 1st 2005 by Simon Pulse (first published December 1st 1992)

Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy, Magic

Pages: Hardcover, 309

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Please know this book has many different covers, so if you click on the links above it might be different than the one I posted here.

“”If anyone might be a hero — could I?” she asked herself and smiled.”

All the orphaned Daine wants when she comes to Tortall is a job. What she finds is magic in many forms. Hired by the Queen’s Riders because of her knack with animals, Daine soon reveals that her knack is truly “magical.” Not only do animals obey her, but they understand her words.

Under the tutelage of the great mage Numair, Daine struggles to focus her powers and confront the nightmares of her past. And so her wild magic grows even stronger. She now can sense the presence of the immortals, evil creatures who threaten the future of Tortall. But Daine will have to learn to trust humans before she can come to terms with her powers and her past — and protect the kingdom from immortal invasion.

My review:

I feel lucky enough to have found this book series. I think this was the first of Pierce’s work that I’ve read, and I’m happy about it. You know, as a kid I guess I had more than a few super powers that I wanted. First it started with wanting to read books and make them come to life, then it was to talk to animals, to understand them. Let me tell you, this book hits every one of my points, causing it to become one of my favorites.

I find myself a little speechless, not sure exactly what to say about this other than it is so good! Magic, adventure, speaking to animals, mysteries from personal backgrounds that are found out over time, and not just given away.

I really like the characters, all of them, and no matter what I love seeing them all. I especially love Cloud, Daine’s sassy and aggressive horse. I really like Daine as well, and I connect to her, mostly because I myself have a fondness for animals. Okay, when I say fondness I mean that everyone knows I would adopt all the dogs from the shelter if I could. And the cats. And horses, if only I could find a place near where I live.

Anyway. This book is written for a younger audience, but I wasn’t bothered by it at all. It was a quick read, this last time only taking me about two days with school and other commitments I had.

I’m really impressed by Tamora Pierce and the amazing way her writing changes when she’s doing a different series and different characters. This was her second series published, after Song of the Lioness, though, in complete story world order, Wild Magic is actually the 10th book. If you would like to see the full chronological order of these click here.

It’s a large universe, and I think the only excuse I can give for not reading more than the 7 books in this extensive world was because I was scared. I got very connected to some of the characters (Beka Cooper, Daine, Numiar) and was a little afraid of moving on. I don’t know why, it’s my weird anxiety. After re-reading this book though, I can’t wait to finish the series again, and move on to some of the others I haven’t read!



10 thoughts on “Wild Magic (The Immortals #1) by Tamora Pierce

    • I haven’t! I’m actually hoping to start reading these books in chronological order, so that might be father down the list. I’m looking forward to it though! Thanks for the suggestion!

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      • I think reading them in publication order is better since (especially in the Emelan books) there are spoilers and things read better when you know who certain characters are. But TP does a good job at making each book readable by itself so its not critical by any means!


      • I haven’t decided for sure! I just know I want to read them all and I thought chronological would make more since. But I might take your advice and read them in the order they were published!

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      • for the most part, like 80% of the books she has written, publication order is the same as chronological, so there’s not much issue there. But for example hte Beka Cooper books are the earliest ones but the epilogue of the final book is so much more interesting and impactful if you have read the Alanna books first! Doesn’t mean you can’t appreciate it, though.


      • I already knew a little bit about the Alanna books first because I had read this series (the Immortals) first. It was awesome to learn about George and I’m excited to read more about it. It’s more about just finding a way to get the books and finding time to read them!

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      • It’s more that I love in a rural area with little library books to choose from. It’s only been recently that they have started to add them as ebooks, so I’m just waiting on the them to become available!

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      • ebooks are life saving! I live in a rural area too, but thenkfully they had all of TP’s works (either in mine or in the 20 other libraries connected to it in my county that you just tell them to ship to you). BUt ebooks…my entire province has an e library with THOUSANDS and it’s so easy and ugh! I love it. Physical books are better but when you can grab a book at 2 am and start reading then its so convenient.


      • I agree with you. Sometimes I get weird book cravins, so ebooks come in handy. And a lot of them are 25% or less of the price of a physical book, which is nice, but I still prefer the physical book. I’m in the US so library’s go by countys, and I sadly, I live in one of the least populated so there are only about three libraries! I’m sure I’ll find them eventually though!

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