Some Sites to Help you find Book Bargins

I know many people are always looking for the best deal in everything books. Personally, being in school and not having a job makes buying new books a little hard, so I’m always looking for a good deal. Here are three that I’ve happened across or been told about.

Bookbub: I happened to find this one while scrolling through Facebook and it was adverting a book (not that I remember what it was now anyway). When you go to the Bookbub website they will ask you for your email and then for some of you favorite genres of books. Bookbub will send you a sample of the latest deals that match your favorite genres in an email. Usually I get at least one free one per email and a lot of really good deals. Some books can be $.99, but I have seen up $2.99 also. If you want more suggestions you can always visit their website for a more complete list of recommendations. This is for ebooks only.

eReaderIQ: One of my aunts told me about this website a few years ago. She’s like me, always looking for the best deal in books. To look at the recent deals and discounts on eReaderIQ you don’t have to sign up. Simply go to the website and start browsing. There are several filters you can search through, such as highest price, length of the book, and whether or not it’s available in print or in ebook. The reason I like this website so much is because you can track the prices of books. eReader IQ keeps track of the past prices so you can see if the book looks to be lowering in price. You can also set a notification for a book. If you find a book you want, but you think that the price is too high, you can set a prince and eReaderIQ will send you an email when that book reaches that price or lower. If you have your eye on a certain book, this is where you should look to see when the prices are lower. This is for printed books and ebooks.

Freebooksy: This is my favorite out of the three simply because all the books on this website are free. I have even got a few complete series of books completly free! You don’t have to sign up to see all the free books they have to offer, but you can sign up to receive daily emails about the newest free books. For this one you can also add you favorite genres to be sent to you. Just because they are free doesn’t mean they aren’t good! Many of the books on there have over 100 reviews, and have four of five stars. The way I see it, if the book ends up being bad the only thing I lost is time because I didn’t have to pay for it! This is for ebooks only.

You can just search for these on google and it should be the first to pop up!

I haven’t read any of the books from any of these websites, but when I do I’ll mentioned that I got them from one of these websites when I review them.


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