Sapphire Blue (Precious Stone Trilogy, #2) by Kerstin Gier


A few years ago I was trying to find a new book to read in my local library and I saw this series. I picked it up, and decided to read all of them. Of course this is the second book in Gwen’s time traveling trilogy, and it brings new questions and more mysteries.

If you haven’t read Ruby Red (Precious Stone Trilogy #1) please know that there are minor spoilers so read this summery and review at your own risk.

My Summery:

This book picks up right after Ruby Red ended, following Gwen and Gideon’s adventures though the past. Whenever Gideon is around, Gwen can’t help but think about how much she likes him, despite knowing that she shouldn’t. It doesn’t help that Gideon is kissing her one second, then blaming her for feeding information to those who might harm them both.

Gwen’s travel to the past can be controlled by a device discovered in the 18th century called the Chronograph. In order for it work properly a blood sample is taken from each of the twelve travelers. The chronograph was stolen by Lucy, Gwen’s Cousin, and Paul, Gideon’s distant cousin. There was a second chronograph that had no samples of blood from any of the travelers, so Gideon was traveling to get them for the second chronograph. When the blood of all twelve travelers are in the chronograph, the circle will close. But no one knows what happens once it has.

She also meets the Count Saint-Germain, another time traveler, and Gideon’s ancestor, who might have the power to read minds and choke someone from ten feet away, though Gwen thinks she imagined it.Why does Count Saint-Germain have a say of the going on of the future? How all of these things tie together is what Gwen plans on finding out.

For a real summery click here.

My review:

Like Ruby Red this book is filled with drama and the indecisiveness about relationships. While delving deeper into the past I find that the lack of historical information leaves a gap in the story line. While I understand that this is a book geared toward a younger audience than me, it still would have been better overall to add some more history to a book about traveling into the past.

The writing still leaves a part of the characters that we don’t know, still cutting out conversations that contain information. I don’t see why Gwen is so involved with Gideon, because to me he just seems like a rude boy who doesn’t know what he wants.

I wish the information about Count Saint-Germain was more clear. What’s his true role and why does he get to control everything anyway? I guess there are implications to the answers to those questions but it’s vague and hard to know if you’re coming up with the right answer yourself.

Once again there are beautiful dresses and a party in the 18th century that I loved reading about. This book also ends in a cliffhanger, so I have to pick up the next book and read read read!

Just like before, this book compels you to read the next. I give 3.5 stars for chance meetings with relatives and clues given to make me want to solve the mysterious, but also for the lack of character development.



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